Our signs are made of steel.  Steel is a worldwide commodity but our signs are 100% made in the U.S..  Some fasteners may be made of other quality materials.

Please read the description of the sign carefully.  Indoor only signs are denoted that way as well as the thicknesses, sizes and finishing/paint methods and of course the sign material.

The writing, logos, drawings, etc. on our signs are cut through at least one layer of the sign.  Some signs are a single layer.  Some signs have a backing to provide a contrasting background to the lettering and other cutouts.  The sign backings may or may not be spaced behind the sign for a more 3 dimensional effect.  The backings are made out of steel as well and are often a thinner gauge than the typically thicker main layer.  A few of our signs have a layer in front of the sign, such as the red circle with a diagonal line like you might see on a warning sign.

Our finishes are appropriate to the expected usage.  If you are looking for an unfinished sign or a different finish, please contact us.  We may be able to help you.